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MMORPG Weapons of Mythology - New Age Opens Beta

A new fantasy MMORPG, Weapons of Mythology - New Age opens up its beta process next week.

Offering classic content for both PvE and PvP, Weapons of Mythology - New Age promises epic stories, dozens of dungeons, battlegrounds PvP, guilds, dozens of mounts, pets and a challenging PvE against impressive foes.

The announcement trailer even appears to show a motorcycle!

The free to play title from IDC/Games is set during the period of Chu Han Contention, the game focuses on two rival sects: The Zhan and the Jie, serving different kings, and fighting for the ultimate ancient Relic. Meanwhile, the evil Morkans seize the opportunity and rise from the underworld to cause havoc across the land.

Some of the game features are;

  • A unique combat system based on relics which add extra abilities to the characters and grant hundreds of combinations
  • Pet system
  • Guild system with unique abilities and guild wars
  • PvP battlefield based on DOTA style map with team and league ladders
  • Complex dungeons that will be a challenge even for the most experienced players

The open beta for Weapons of Mythology - New Age starts Thursday December 15th, with gamers who purchased the pre-order or the early access through Steam able to play 3 days before, from the 12th.

If this sound interesting, readers can register for the open beta here.

Gamers who enjoyed the closed beta for the fantasy MMORPG will find a large amount of new content will be made available during this next stage of testing. This includes;

  • Dozens of challenging and exciting new dungeons
  • 3 PvP battlegrounds with MOBA-DotA play style, one with 1 lane and one with 3 lanes.
  • Hundreds of new quest
  • New level 50 and 60 areas
  • Epic quest to gear up in high end dungeons
  • Ranked ladder system for PvP DotA maps

Remember, ‘In times of war and chaos, the one who wields the Relic will be the only true savior!’

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