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Coming close to running longer than any of the television shows the game was set on, Star Trek Online isn’t only ready to kick off its 7th Anniversary, but do it with some style.

It would be fair to wonder given the immense world and ever-changing world of PC games, why today’s favorite thing is a new set of animations for the upcoming MMORPG, Gloria Victis.

A new fantasy MMORPG, Weapons of Mythology - New Age opens up its beta process next week.

Tomorrow is a big day for MMORPG gamers as ArcheAge releases its biggest expansion since the title launched. Adding Dwarf and Warborn Races, five new zones and ‘fresh start’ servers, this won’t be one to miss.

A MMORPG that’s grabbing a lot of PC gamer’s attention, Revelation Online, is heading into its next closed beta phase and you could be part of it.

A new adventure has been released for the free-to-play MMORPG based on the iconic Star Trek franchise that promises to take players into 2017 as they warp through the new storyline.

It would be easier to ask what En Masse Entertainment hasn’t updated with its latest game patch for the developers long-running MMORPG, TERA.

'Rift', Trion Worlds’ fantasy MMORPG known for its massive battles and unique class-building system, is now celebrating its five-year anniversary.

A unique fantasy real-time strategy game that features massive siege combat, city building and a plethora of other features storms Steam this week.

Tuesday, 01 March 2016 00:00

Dawnfall Arrives to En Masse's TERA

An update for En Masse Entertainment’s TERA has been released which adds new content including dungeons and challenge modes.

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