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Driven Arts Wants To Save Pvt Ryan Again

Driven Arts, developers behind the fast-paced World War 2 shooter Days of War, have released a video marking the inclusion of a new map, Omaha Beach.

That’s right, a stunning new video celebrates an additional map on a game not yet released in Early Access. Who said the gaming industry isn’t an interesting place?

Driven Arts hopes to rejuvenate the WW2 theme with Days of War which offers 32 player infantry combat in high fidelity environments. Looking to players who found themselves in clans playing titles such as Medal of Honor, CoD 2, Day of Defeat and Enemy Territory, adding Omaha Beach into the mix is seen as ‘must-do’.

‘Community members requested the map earlier in the year, with one stating “I dont see how they can NOT bring it over,’ noted Driven Arts. They cited the Medal of Honor (MOH) level where players storm Omaha Beach as the first true WW2 gaming experience for many gamers.

As for the players too young for MOH, Driven Arts hopes Days of War also appeals to the younger generation who have yet to experience a great online WW2 shooter.

Days of war first came to light with a Kickstarter campaign in March 2016 with Early Access on Steam in January 2017 set as the next objective to be conquered. Initially, the game was promised for release at the end of summer 2016.

To achieve the fast-pace, Days of War will look to frenetic action, using high damage models, challenging recoil and short respawn times keep it fast paced with high consequence. There’ll be no grinding in this WW2 shooter with all the weapons available to players from the start. These include bolt action rifles, SMG, shotguns or deployable MG’s.

To get the high fidelity environments, Driven Arts have used the latest technology including photogrammetry, laser scanning, and the power of UE4 engine.

Finally, something that clearly shows Driven Arts are looking to attracting players one clan at a time, the game will offer full server control. Days of War will offer dedicated servers with full in-game administration abilities, allowing clans to tune the experience for their group.

When the title opens up for Early Access it will feature 32 player multiplayer combat with over 20 unique weapons on 4 battle tested maps. There are both official servers and support for community dedicated servers.

The plans for 2017 include

  • More official maps and environments which will be developed based on player feedback.
  • Both the Commonwealth and Red Army as playable factions each with their own full arsenal of new weapons
  • New game modes
  • Map Editor with full Steam Workshop support for custom maps

In the meantime, here’s the video that made this our pick for the day!

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