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Total War: WARHAMMER - New Gameplay Footage!

How can a daily video pick be better than Warhammer? There’s no need to even try and answer that question as we line-up a Wood Elves showcase.

Never as ferocious as when they are defending their home, the Elves have called upon the full might of the forest to protect the sacred Oak of Ages. 

Featuring a wide array of units, from the deadly Wardancers and Wild Riders to the ferocious Treekin, Treeman and Forest Dragon, it highlights the unparalleled tactical breadth of the Wood Elf army, combining pinpoint archer fire with lightning fast hit-and run strikes and brutal forest creatures.

The legendary Total War team turned its creativity and resources on the limitlessly deep and rich universe of Warhammer in 2015. Featuring gigantic monsters, flying creatures, legendary heroes and storms of magical power, the Warhammer universe has definitely found its place in real-time tactical battles.

The Total War: WARHAMMER – Realm of the Wood Elves expansion is out as of now.

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