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Gloria Victis Gets Sweet New Longsword Combat Animations

It would be fair to wonder given the immense world and ever-changing world of PC games, why today’s favorite thing is a new set of animations for the upcoming MMORPG, Gloria Victis.

Gloria Victis is a MMORPG with an emphasis on realism, set in a medieval world with low-fantasy elements. It offers Open PVP with territory control, non-target combat, deep, expanded crafting system, player-driven economy, highly reduced magic and mature, extensive storyline, all served with beautiful, realistic graphics and heavy, dark atmosphere.

A video showing the new animations for longsword combat in Gloria Victis was released on Friday and is pretty impressive. The characters appear to struggle under the weight of their armor and the effort is seen as the heavy longswords are swung overhead.

The movements have been based on authentic techniques used by medieval swordsmen and come from the efforts of Jakub Kisiel, known from his work for many games such as Gears of War and The Witcher 3, where he was animating Geralt himself.

Currently, Gloria Victis is in alpha stage with the price of admission starting at $20.

Development of Gloria Victis started in 2012, hoping to bring something different to the MMORPG genre. Part of this difference is the game’s combat, which is based on non-target system. This means a player has to manually aim and initiate an attack which requires good positioning and timing. Player’s skill is the key, although character’s statistics or equipment are important, they need to be used properly.

Another interesting take, the game’s Partial Loot system. Contrary to the classic Full Loot MMORPGs, a defeated player doesn’t lose all their equipment, only the items chosen manually by the fight’s winner, making the title attractive both for veterans of hardcore MMORPGs and less experienced players.

The new combat animations haven’t made it into the alpha just yet. It’ll be added in the next update along with improvements of the settlements upgrading system. Changes include implementation of upgradable main tower, central point of each town and castle, as well as an ability to build and upgrade crafting workshops.

Also, upgrading guardhouses and resource nodes, such as farms, lumbermills or mines, will now come with visible changes in their architecture.

These changes will first be applied in few currently available locations which have fully reworked into new system, greatly increasing their defense values. However, once all settlements are redesigned, new ones will be added much faster.

All this makes the above video our pick for the day!

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